Chapter Summaries 33-58

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Chapter 33: LOOK OUTS

In chapter 33 Bear and Crispin travel to Great Wexly. As they walk, people start to surround him. (As they are also going to Great Wexly.) He has never even seen so many people, so many goods being sold, or even that many colors! Walls start to appear and everyone squeezes together, they are now at Great Wexly, and at the end of the narrow walls is a gate. This isn’t just a gate…it’s a gate with guards at the front. “I think they are looking for someone.” Crispin cries quietly.  


Chapter 34: Entering Great Wexly

At the beginning of chapter 34 Bear and Crispin are talking about if anybody tries to attack Crispin he has permission to run away and to run away in to a crowd because nobody will be able to see him. Also what happens is that they are about to go in to Great Wexly. As they where looking at two lines going into the town they saw some soldiers guarding the entrance. To get into the town the two had to make a plan because what if the soldiers where going to try to attack Crispin, so there plan was to play their musical tunes and everybody will be so amazed at their musical talent that the soldiers will be to distracted to even notice who the two people are.


Chapter 35: The Green Man 

 In chapter 37, Bear and Crispin reach The Green Man Tavern. Widow Daventry owns the tavern. Bear and Widow Daventry were old friends, so they decided to catch up on old times. Bear announces Crispin as his apprentice. Requests the special room. When Bear and Crispin go to the room, Bear show Crispin that there is a secret board, covering a whole in the wall. Crispin asks what the whole is for, Bear says,” If anything happens run into this room and hide in here.”


Chapter 36: ESCAPE

In chapter 36, Crispin is lead by Bear into his special room the “solar room” on the second floor. Bear shows Crispin around the room, revealing a door in the wall, big enough for both him and Crispin. Crispin asks if both he and Bear will to use the door in the wall. “By all of Heaven’s sacred saints, I pray not,” Bear, replies in a booming voice. Crispin also asks Bear, “What is it that you really do?” Bear laughs and says “I’m a fool because I should like to be in Heaven before I die.” Bear then puts his dagger on a table inside the room and asks Crispin to stay in the room while he goes back downstairs. Crispin still has his penny from his performance the church and wants to spend it in the town. He takes Bear’s dagger and promises himself to return before Bear realizes he is gone. He slips out the window and heads to the town. 


Chapter 37: “Why, it’s Lady Furnival”

In chapter 37, Crispin is outside in Great Wexley and he follows some children into an alleyway and when they disappear he barely notices. The mood is carefree and light. Crispin keeps walking and he buys bread with the penny Bear gave him. He walks even further away from the Green man. He sees a woman of high importance dressed mainly in black. He asks someone who the woman was. Here the mood becomes suspenseful because he says the title of this chapter. “Why, it’s Lady Furnival.” 


Chapter 38: Disobeying Bear

In chapter 38 Crispin sneaks out of his hiding place in the green man tavern where Bear told him to stay. He decided to go and explore the town of Great Wexly. As he was looking around he saw all the big tall buildings. He saw the church and wondered what it would be like to pray in such a big church. After a while he decided to look at the different places. When he finally gets to the town he spots AyCliffe. AyCliffe sees Crispin and yells “there, the boy, the wolfs head, get him!!” Then Crispin starts to run.    


Chapter 39 Curfew

In Chapter 39, Crispin was in an alleyway fighting off some muggers.  Once he escaped he tried to get past the gate only to find it was closed until dawn. Fear of being seen he tried to find a place to stay. After seeing some of Acyliffe’s men Crispin hid in an alleyway only to hear a man yell “Crispin”.


 Chapter 40: Found

In this chapter Bear is able to find Crispin in a narrow alley in Great Wexley, Crispin explains how he had lost his way and been attacked by the steward, John Aycliffe’s, men. Bear takes Crispin back to the Green Man tavern and is told that John Ball has arrived. Bear tells Crispin to go up to his room, and asks Widow Daventry to bring him some clean clothes and food. Crispin and Bear are left alone in their room, and as bear turns to leave, Crispin apologizes. Bear says there is nothing to forgive, sometimes he forgets how little Crispin knows. He leaves the room and Crispin is left alone to wonder what he ment.


Chapter 41: The Eavesdropper

 In chapter 41 the main characters are Crispin, Bear and john Ball. In the beginning of this chapter Crispin was praying up stairs and hears voices down stairs then he goes halfway down listening on Bear and John Ball. They were talking about who is going to be the leader when King Edward dies. They were saying it would be good if his son comes in charge because he is the most hated man in Great Wexly.



Chapter 42:Crispin’s Realization 

In chapter 42 Crispin awakes to the noise of bells ringing. He wants to tell Bear about John Ball who he saw in the tavern the night before but Bear is sleeping. Then Crispin goes outside and spots the one eyed man that he saw in the first town that he and Bear performed in. Suddenly Crispin gets a sensation that something dangerous is upon them! Since he doesn’t want to wake Bear he goes to guard the stairs.


Chapter 43: Cooking

In chapter 43 Widow Daventry made Crispin work in the kitchen and make pies. Widow Daventry told Crispin that he could not be seen. Widow Daventry leaves Crispin when she leaves a few seconds later, Crispin drops one of the pies when he takes it out of the oven. Then Crispin eats the destroyed pie of the ground. Then Widow Daventry walks in the room and says did you take those pies out and she said don’t eat anymore.


Chapter 44: I Got My Eye on You

In chapter forty-four, Crispin keeps on seeing the one eyed man. So he goes to tell Bear about it. He tells Bear and Bear just says, “If he is after you Crispin, then you need to wait her well I am gone. I have to go to a meeting and when I get back from my meeting we are going to leave Great Wexly”. “That’s sounds great Bear, I would really like that” Crispin said. Crispin went and watched as Bear left the Green Man Tavern to go to his meeting. When he watched him go Crispin noticed the one eyed man walk out, but he was not a lone. He was with a man in blue and gold then the one eyed me pointed to Bear. Crispin realized that the one eyed man wasn’t after him he was after Bear. He ran out the door and knew he had to go and warn him.



Chapter 45: An Unknown Presence 

In chapter 45, Crispin decides to follow Bear so that he can tell Bear that the soldiers are coming. Crispin watches as Bear and some other people go into a three-story tall building with a picture of a boot on the front of the door. Crispin almost keeps going when he sees John Ball enter the building after everyone has already gone in the building. Crispin then decides to follow a narrow passageway until he reaches a stonewall. He figures since he has made it all this way, he should not go back, so he climbs the wall. He drops down into a garden. He hears one of the people inside the building making a speech. Crispin decides he does not want to hear anymore because Crispin realizes how dangerous, and hazardous this business really is. He plans to go back to the Inn where he would wait for Bear, and his departure from Great Wexly. He looks up and down the passageway to make sure no one saw him. He then notices a group of solders coming toward him, leading them was a man in a vest of chain mail, over that, a quilted blue jacket. He had a cross bow, and a helmet with a crest of blue and gold. It was John Acliff, with the one eyed man by his side.     


Chapter 46: Courtyard chase 

They go in to a narrow passage way and they paused and then they see the one eyed man      and then bear tells Crispin to leave so that they wouldn’t get caught and so that Crispin wouldn’t   get seen. Then there was a wild scramble for the rear door as the men, Bear among them raced to get out. After that they got trapped and they tried to figure how to get out of it and that is how my chapter ended.  

Crispin Chapter 47

Chapter 47: The soldiers and Aycliff have taken Bear. Crispin wanted to find out where Wycliffe is taking Bear, so he follows them. They had taken Bear into the Furnival’s palace. Crispin knows why Wycliffe wanted Bear, so he can use him to get to Crispin.

Crispin went back to Window Davendry’s restaurant, he wanted to her everything but he was feeling tormented.

Chapter 48: Back To Hiding

Crispin came out of hiding after the soldier left. He walk down the stair slowly in to the dining room and found out the room was totally trash. Then he takes a look around the room and saw Widow Daventry. He started walking toward her to ask but she was all bruised up. After Crispin saw her she started to look at him with a really angry look. Crispin was really scared then Widow Daventry yelled at him and told him go back to hiding. 


Chapter 49: Revealing the Cross 

In this chapter of Crispin- Crispin is back to hiding in Widow Daventry’s inn. He is in his room in a hiding place bear told him to go if the came to get him. Then Widow Daventry brings him some food. He asked her if she can read his cross, she reveals it says “CRISPIN SON OF FURNIVAL” He is shocked with questions. Has Bear always known? its silent… Window Daventry claims Bear only wanted to protect him, he thought of Crispin like a son. Widow Daventry warns him not to tell anyone because people want him dead. Widow Daventry tells Crispin about her life -7 kids all dead and her husband too “May sweet Jesus protect you” Widow Davintry whispered and she slowly exits the room.


Chapter 50, Just Think About It.

In this chapter, Crispin is sitting in the secret cupboard in the Green Man Tavern after the curfew.  He is thinking to himself that it isn’t his fault that lady Furnival ordered him to be executed.  It is because he has noble ties on both his mother, and father’s side of his family, and that is too much power that he holds.  If Lord Douglas found out about Crispin’s father, then lady Furnival would lose all hope of power for her newly inherited land. 

Chapter 51 "Time to think"

            In chapter 51, Crispin is hiding in the hole in the wall in the Green Man Tavern. Widow Daventry had just told him that his cross said ‘Crispin, Son of Fernival’. He thinks about why his mother never told him, and why Aycliffe would want him dead by any reasons. He also talks about what Bear and John Ball were talking about, Freedom. He thinks about if he is different; he was but now he is no longer unknown – “I had become two people, Crispin and Lord Furnival’s son”. (Page 221)

Chapter 52 Podcast



In chapter 53, the man that guided Crispin did not speak; he took him toward the walls so Crispin can escape. Crispin breaks the silence “Take me to the White Stag tavern!” he states. “I will bother you no more, and I will pay you!” Crispin was left at the tavern, so he can meet up with John Ball. Crispin tries very hard to convince the men at the tavern to help him get Bear back. The men talk beyond themselves, about Bear, and how he was a spy, and things before Crispin shows up. Finally one man agrees to talk Crispin close to the manor where Bear is being held captive. 


Chapter 54: Hall of Wonders

In chapter 54 Crispin was going back to the Furnivals home to try and find Bear. On his way to try and get in he saw that 2 soldiers blocked the front door. He found a small space in between the Furnival’s manor and another house. He saw a balcony and decided to try and get in there. He wedged himself against both buildings and started to climb. When he got on to the balcony, he went in and noticed he was in a hallway. He went to the end of the hall, looked inside the room and gasped!


Chapter 55 : GUESS WHO IS BACK!

 In chapter 55 Crispin was wondering off looking at stuff and then he reached a church. He looked in side and saw all gold, gold gold gold. Then he recognizes this man who looks very familiar and the person recognize him to, even with the haircut. it was john Aycliffe!  


Chapter 56 “Convincing Aycliffe”         

In this chapter Crispin convinces John Aycliffe, the steward, to let Bear and himself free.  The mood in this chapter is suspenseful.  They are in the palace and it is just Crispin and the steward.  Aycliffe threatens to call the guards, but Crispin says he’ll tell them that he is Lord Furnival’s son and Lord Douglas’ grandson.  He continues on about his mother and how he knows that Aycliffe killed the priest and why he was proclaimed a wolf’s head.  When Aycliffe persists to threaten to call the guards, Crispin leaps at him and puts the point of Bear’s dagger against his throat.  Only after that does Aycliffe agree to take him to Bear and let them free.  He will only do this if Crispin swears an oath to give him the cross and never return to Great Wexly.  Aycliffe also swears an oath to let them go before Crispin moves away the dagger.  At the end of this chapter Aycliffe begins to lead Crispin and Bear.


Chapter 57; The Cell

In chapter 57, Crispin has blackmailed John Aycliffe to release Bear from his cell. John Aycliffe accepts the offer, if Crispin gives him the lead cross. When Crispin accepts the offer they head towards the entrance of the dungeon. When they reach a cell with a small entrance. Crispin orders Ayliffes men to open the door. When Crispin and Bear come out of the cell they see Aycliffe with a sword and a circle of 15 men. Crispin Quickly Takes out his lead cross and announces to Aycliffe, ”shall I read what is said on my cross.”


Chapter 58, “The Final Battle” 

Walking towards the gates of Great Wexley behind John Aycliffe, Crispen by his side, Bear sees the gates towering above him. Then Aycliffe comes to a halt. “By my honor you will go no further,” Aycliffe yelled, “I offer a pounds reward to anyone who slays this wretched boy here and now.” Bear became furious. Dagger in hand, Bear walked up to Aycliffe, swinging his sword down towards him. The Steward blocked with a dagger of his own. Aycliffe’s soldiers surrounded the two, swords pointed out towards them, as John Aycliffe and Bear engaged in a brutal sword fight. With one swift movement of the steward’s sword, Bears dagger fell to the ground, right next to Crispen. As Crispen moved towards the dagger, Aycliffe walked up to him, dagger in the air, ready to bring it down on him. Before he could, Bear picked the steward up, hugging him tightly to his chest until the dagger rolled out of his hands. Then, he lifted him above his head and threw him with all his might. Before the soldiers had any time at all to react, John Aycliffe was impaled by the swords, and dead within moments. Bear and Crispen proudly walked out of the gates of Great Wexley, and then, they broke into a tune.


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